Why choose time-focused counselling?

You may want to talk openly to someone, but have been put off by the idea of committing to endless and expensive sessions of counselling. Time-focused work addresses specific issues and you work with a goal in mind. Each session will be planned, often between us, and the techniques I will use will be led by your particular needs. The fact that you have a specific time in which to work, can sharpen your focus and help you make changes.

Online counselling

Online counselling is a relatively new way for people to find help. It has been shown to be very effective for many people, and has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Easy to schedule- appointments are more flexible
  • Fits in with your other commitments
  • No need to travel
  • Less worrying if you are anxious about face-to-face meeting with a counsellor
  • Fewer overheads for the counsellor, so slightly cheaper.


  • No physical presence in the room with you- it may seem strange if you can’t see your counsellor’s face.
  • Limitation of confidentiality- No email, text, telephone or video
  • Exchange can be guaranteed to be secure

Keeping your information safe

I use encrypted email, so that every email I send to you is secure. If you wish your emails to me to be secure, then you can set up a free account with www.hushmail.com

I use secure chat rooms for text exchanges, and secure video conferencing.

I delete all notes, emails and texts when our work is ended..

How online therapy works

Text-based therapy- text chat and email- works best for people who are comfortable expressing themselves with written words. Video conferencing and telephone counselling suit those who like to hear a voice or see a person.

Face-to-face counselling

In face-to-face counselling, we will meet for 50 minutes, once a week, in a private consulting room.  You are in control of what we talk about.  As an Integrative counsellor, I adapt the way I work to meet your needs.

Email counselling

Counselling by email does not take place in real time. You control the time, place and content of the work. It gives you the chance to think about what you want to say, and to edit your messages before sending them. Some people find the process of writing out their thoughts very helpful. You have a written record of the counselling process to look back on and reflect upon.

Costs of email counselling are based on each email exchange

Text-based counselling

Text-based counselling takes place in real time. You will need to find yourself a quiet space without distractions so that you can work uninterrupted, almost as if you were in the therapy room with me. Some people like the fact that the conversation is instant, as it can feel more personal.

Costs of text-based counselling are set according to the session length- 30 or 60 minutes.

Telephone counselling

Telephone counselling is commonly used by many agencies and professionals working in the helping and mental health sectors. Again, you need a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. It may feel more personal to you, as you can hear your counsellor’s voice. I carry the cost of the call by telephoning you at the prearranged time.

Costs of telephone counselling are set per session, which is normally 50 minutes.

Video counselling

You may feel most comfortable if you can see your counsellor, in which case video counselling may be the best form of counselling for you. Research has shown that video counselling has been highly effective with many clients. It is often used for couples therapy. I would recommend that you treat the sessions as if you were in a therapy room- finding a suitable space without distraction. I use encrypted internet software, so that our conversations are confidential.

Costs of video counselling are set per session, which is normally 50 minutes.




If you need a fuller explanation of how we can work together just email me.

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